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Powered by Hit The Floor, FLOFEST is a brand new multi-style dance festival to be held in Montreal from July 2-4, 2021. FLOFEST’s mission is to mobilize artists and diverse audiences around dance as a creation tool. The festival is committed to providing a collaborative learning space accessible to all, including stimulating cultural and artistic experiences.


The FLOFEST Training Space is open to all artists who are eager to learn. It is a common space for exchange and sharing that offers both physical and mental training focused on the personal and professional development of each artist. All the activities that will take place in this creative space will be led by industry professionals.

Whether you are a dancer, teacher, studio director or a dance enthusiast, you are more than welcome to come and learn with us!

The pass gives you access to ALL activities during this 3-day festival:

This learning space will be divided into 4 sections:

1) Choreo Classes

75-minute class during which a choreography based on the instructor’s knowledge in one or more specific style(s) will be taught under the following formula: 15-min Warm-up Improv | 15-min Mindset | 45-min Combo. Two levels will be offered: Learners and Advanced. A class suitable for Juniors will also be offered.

2) Foundations Classes

75-minute class with the goal of educating dancers on the history of the style and its founder as well as the terms and movements associated with the style. The class will be led by a specialist in one or more specific style(s) under the following formula: 15-min Intro | 45-min Foundation | 15-min Freestyle

3) FLOFEST Talks

Three types of FLOFEST Talks will be offered during the festival:

| Conferences (Activities open to all)

| Discussion Panels (Activities open to all)

| Round Table Discussions (Activities reserved for studio directors & teachers)

4) Auditions

NEW: two auditions will be held at the same time during FLOFEST.

| Auditions 15+ | Hit The Floor Ambassadors Program

| Junior Training 15- | Mock Auditions



The FLOFEST competition is for all dancers who wish to push their limits on stage and receive constructive feedback from credible judges in the dance industry. The Qualifications are divided into two levels, namely Learner Level (3 years of experience and less) and Advanced Level (4 years of experience and more) and are open to Solos, Duos & Trios and Groups (Small Group | Large Group | Production).

The FLOFEST Qualifications will take place over three consecutive days in preparation for the Finals. Only routines registered in the Advanced level will be eligible for the Finals. It is the perfect time to wrap up the 2021 competitive season!


The FLOFEST Finals include soloists, duos & trios as well as groups. Four different Finals will take place: Junior Final | Varsity Final | Senior Final | Production Final. The three 2021 Hit The Floor Showcases Champions (Gatineau, Saint-Hyacinthe and Lévis) will automatically have a spot in the FLOFEST Final. Among these four champions, the routine with the highest score will receive the title of FLOFEST Grand Champion.

Who will be the first FLOFEST champion?


The FLOFEST Village offers outdoor cultural celebrations that will bring together all the dancers, artists and art & culture enthusiasts in a collective space.

The festivities will take place at @Village au Pied-du-Courant, a unique place in Montreal an urban beach vibe.

The brand-new concept of the FLOFEST Village is developed in collaboration with @Afrotonik and is free and open to all! Come celebrate the dance, culture and diversity of our great community!

| FLOFEST Freestyle Sessions

| FLOFEST Battles

| Performances

| Live DJ

| Food Trucks

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FLOW | Collaborative production presented by artists from here

The FLOFEST Artistic Show will host a brand-new collaborative production: FLOW.

This production will provide Quebec and Canadian talents with a unique platform to present an artistic piece.

FLOW wishes to highlight artistic independence and to positively inspire the community in addition to stimulating the next generation of dance.

Since our artistic approach is based on innovation and the creation of unique pieces, we work in close collaboration with Quebec and Canadian artists in the process of creation and validation of the works presented.

Artists: Write to us to submit a piece!