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Before registering for the FLOFEST Qualifications, you must agree to the rules and regulations and review the classification system. It is our priority to provide a fair evaluation through two separate panels of qualified judges in their field of expertise.


FLOFEST has its own unique classification system.

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All participants, studio directors and choreographers must follow the FLOFEST rules in order to be eligible for the Qualifications. Any routine that does not comply with the rules will be subject to one or more penalties. For questions, contact us at [email protected]

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It is very important for the organization to recognize the efforts and talent of the dancers by offering cash prizes, medals, trophies and training scholarships. At the festival, each dancer leaves with a souvenir of his participation in the Qualifications and/or the Finals. Cash awards are not replaceable or transferable. Cash awards are in Canadian dollars. A studio representative must be on site to receive the cash award

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